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silence is silver, but music is gold
a music rotation ♥
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Here we have the entire discography of mihimaru GT! Under the cuts are 6 studio albums, 5 best/compilation albums, and 26 singles. There are also 1 album and 1 single from miCKun, and 1 album and 2 singles from HIROKO.

Download links are a mix between MEGAUPLOAD and MEDIAFIRE. If you can't download from one of these sites, or any of my links are broken, please feel free to let me know.
Mihimaru GT is a Japanese duet made up of composer, lyricist and vocalist, Miyake as well as vocalist and lyricist Hiroko. The group was formed due to the joint management of the two members during their solo careers. Before forming Mihimaru GT, each member had a relatively quiet career, with little to no major hits. To remind each other that the success of the group comes from the hard work and contributions of both members, the name Mihimaru GT was created for the band, taking the first two letters in each members' first name and adding "maru", or "perfection", to the end of it, as well as the initials for Miyake's favorite video game—Gran Turismo.

Unlike many other groups, Mihimaru GT will often record songs featuring only one of their members, though because of each members' background, they are both involved with every song in some way. Hiroko is usually responsible for the main melody of the song, whereas Miyake is featured in the rap that may appear in a song. The band is known for its urban and pop-oriented songs, as well as slow ballad oriented songs. They are currently signed to one of the largest independent music labels in the world.

source: wikipedia

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14th-Feb-2011 01:04 am - [album] THEIR ROOM our stories
[DBSK] YC ♥ beanie baby

THEIR ROOM our stoies / Music Essay
01. Mission ♥
02. NINE ♥
03. Pierro ♥
04. Fallen Leaves
05. I.D.S. (I Deal Scenario)
06. Unnamed Song PART 1 ♥


I was a little hesitant to give this a listen. I jumped at the shot to hear "The..." and "The Beginning", but there was something about this album that I knew would make it harder. I was right. I've been listening to it all day - and I've been crying all day. But the emotional roller coaster is so worth it, IMO. In addition to the wholehearted lyrics, the songs are musically and vocally AMAZING.

Mission seems like the perfect song for a concert intro. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the intro videos TVXQ did for their last two Japan tours (T and Secret Code). The song is catchy, though a bit repetitive. I'm still a little thrown off by Yoochun's f*bomb in his rap, but then again... it isn't anything new (if you've listened to his rap from the Thanksgiving performance of Xiahtic, you know what I'm talking about). NINE was the first song to get the tears rollin'. Fans are still speculating why Jaejoong named the song "Nine", and the best reason I've heard is that it was 9 years ago when Yoochun joined TVXQ; thus making the group complete. I think the best summary for this track goes like this: "
It's the kind of song that is so beautiful musically, it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel at peace... but when you know the lyrics your heart breaks and you can't stop crying." Pierro is NOT about HoMin. It's a song about SME and JYJ's disgust for them. The only thing I don't understand, is how a song about hating someone, and painful memories can sound so beautiful... But you can hear a hint of hurt in their voices. Unnamed Song PART 1 does not (as of yet) have a second part. Almost the entire song is a rap from Yoochun (who wrote the song). It literally is in the form of an essay; with Jaejoong and Junsu singing the chorus, and Junsu quoting a line from Musical Mozart at the end. This song essay describes in details what happened to lead the 3 to leave & sue SME. At the very end, Junsu can hardly finish quoting his lines without his voice quivering. I was bawling.
14th-Feb-2011 12:24 am - [album] Keep Your Head Down
[UFO] Min not here

Keep Your Head Down ~ 5th Volume
01. WHY (Keep Your Head Down) ♥
02. The Story I Don’t Want to Believe (How Can I?)
03. Maximum ♥
04. Crazy (feat. Jay from TRAX)
05. Honey Funny Bunny ♥
06. Rumor
07. Confession ♥
08. Our Game ♥
09. She ♥
10. ATHENA ♥♥
11. Journey (feat. Seohyhun from Girls' Generation)


I admit I was being a bad Cassie (Wow, I've never called myself that before. It feels strange). I didn't want to like this album because I've been following JYJ and I got caught up in all the controversy! But, as much as I am disappointed that Yunho and Changmin use the TVXQ name as a duo; I LOVE THIS ALBUM.

The title and leading track WHY (Keep Your Head Down) took a bit to grow on me because it's so different. But it was an excellent choice for promoting the album. It's a strong dance/rock mix that proves HoMin has still got it! I'm still not sure what to think about the lyrics... Is it about JYJ? Is it "just a song about a guy and a girl" as HoMin claim? It could go either way for me. Maximum is another upbeat track that feels a lot like classic TVXQ~ Only with two voices. And backup vocals. Which weirds me out a bit, because they guys(5) used to be their own backups. It feels strange to need outside voices coming into their songs... Honey Funny Bunny seems like such a strange song to me. At first I thought "Are you serious!?" but then it got stuck in my head and now... I can't stop listening to it. This is also Yunho's SOLO track. Confession is a beautiful love song, executed perfectly by Changmin (as this is his SOLO track). It reminds me of what I expect TVXQ ballads to sound like - GORGEOUS. Our Game is another track I didn't care for at first. It starts with sound effects that made me think there was something wrong with my computer! XD But the beat is steady and it grows on you quickly. She stood out to me right away. The sound reminds me of something I've heard before, but I can't quite place it. It's that familiar feeling, without feeling overdone that I like. As well as the superb vocals & instrumental. Duh, it's TVXQ. And finally, ATHENA! The first track I fell in love with. I told my mom, "This is what happens when you mix classical and rock with HOMIN!" haha. But seriously, I can't get enough of this track. Hearing this from the Athena drama OST was enough to convince me to give the whole album a shot.
18th-Nov-2010 10:32 pm - [Discography] Sweetbox + Jade Valerie
Here we have the entire discography of Sweetbox and former vocalist Jade Valerie (Villalon) - minus some variations of Sweetbox's "best of" albums (there are so many it gets redundant). Under the cuts are 7 studio albums, 5 compilation albums, and 4 albums from Jade after leaving Sweetbox.
Sweetbox was formed in 1995 by executive producer Heiko Schmidt and music producer Roberto "Geo" Rosan. Throughout the years Sweetbox has had several leading women including Kimberly Kearney, Dacia Bridges, Tina Harris, Jade Villalon and most recently and currently Jamie Pineda. The idea of Sweetbox was to work with different styles and singers, like taking candy from a box without knowing the exact taste - hence the name Sweetbox.

The project released four singles in the mid '90s with the first two singers Kimberley Kearney and Dacia Bridges, however worldwide success came with the third front woman Tina Harris. Everything's Gonna Be Alright was released in 1997 and started a theme which the project would become famous for - the fusion of classical music and pop music.

After two years with the project, Tina Harris departed and Jade Villalon replaced her as the fourth vocalist. Then in 2007, after nearly six years with the project, Jade Villalon and Geo left to pursue music under the names Jade Valerie and Eternity∞. Jamie Pineda became the new singer of Sweetbox. The singer/songwriter released her first studio album, with the help of producer Derek Bramble, in June 2009.

source: wikipedia

Sweetbox Original Studio AlbumsCollapse )

Sweetbox Compilation AlbumsCollapse )

Jade & Geo's Solo workCollapse )

7th-Nov-2010 01:51 am - [single] L
[Ayumi Hamasaki] FrogHat

[alternate cover] [alternate cover] [alternate cover]
L ~ 50th Single
01. Sweet Season
02. Virgin Road
03. Last Angel
04. Sweet Season (instrumental)
05. Virgin Road (instrumental)
06. Last Angel (instrumental)


This has to be, hands down, the best single Ayu has put out in years! What a great way to celebrate her 50th single. Sweet Season is a mellow pop song about looking back on the past and feeling nostalgic. The PV has a 60's theme and a surprise-twist ending. Virgin Road is a slow ballad with just Ayu's flawless voice and an orchestra backing her. The lyrics describe the journey two people have taken; from constantly fighting to understanding and caring deeply about one another. Ayu admitted on her Twitter that the song is about her mother. Finally, Last Angel starts out slow with an orchestra instrumental playing, and it transitions into something funky with a steady beat. I really have no clue how to best describe it. I don't think it sounds much like anything else she's done before. The best way I can describe the lyrics is that its about the struggle to find love, and to keep moving forward.

download the PVs
Sweet Season
Virgin Road

The... ~ 1st mini-album
01. Itsudatte Kimi ni
02. Get Ready
03. Long Way
04. W
05. Itsudatte Kimi ni (Floor of the Intelligence Remix)
06. Get Ready (Caramel Pod Remix)
07. Long Way (DAISHI DANCE Remix)
08. W (The Big Sky in the East ver.)
09. Itsudatte Kimi ni (THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME ver.)


CD+DVD Version
05. Itsudatte Kimi ni (instrumental)
06. Get Ready (instrumental)
07. Long Way (instrumental)
08. W (instrumental)


When I had heard previews of the songs, I was not very impressed. Even now something just feels like it's missing (HoMin), but these songs have really grown on me and I am officially a big JYJ fan. (psh, like that was unexpected...)

Itsudatte Kimi ni just sounds so sad... which bothered me at first. But thinking about where these guys are in their lives right now, it does make sense. And so the fact that they can be so real and channel their feelings so well... it's like magic. I think my favorite part of this song (aside from all of it) would be Junsu's high notes. He really adds *something* to the song. I'm also thoroughly enjoying Yuchun's soft voice - he's usually rapping or getting small bits in ballads. Get Ready is so much fun! I'm glad there is a song like this on the album. It's not quite a pop song, but not quite a dance song either. Just one of those GO CRAZY AND FEEL GOOD kind of songs. Long Way is my favorite song (especially the instrumental). It's not your typical ballad; the mix of drums and a harp make such an interesting sound. Finally, W (Double)... what can be said about this song?! The lyrics are so beautiful I just want to cry. Another ballad that just seems so sad, but this one also has that hint of hope that makes my heart swell. This is another ballad that the boys (men) have put so much of themselves and their own personal feelings into. And again, it really pays off.

If you like music with a message, you will love this album. If you appreciate hearing the depths of a person's emotions through their voice, this is the album for you. If Junsu, Jejung, and/or Yuchun's voices make you melt, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Thanksgiving Live in Dome [concert audio]
01. Itsudatte Kimi ni
02. Shelter
03. Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~
04. Kanashimi no Yukue)
05. Kimi no Tameni/Noreul Wihae - For U
07. been so long (feat. LISA)
08. Rainy Blue
09. Kimi ga Iru Dake de (Kome Kome Club cover)
10. I Have Nothing (Witney Houston cover)
11. My Girlfriend
12. Maze
13. XIAHTIC (feat. Yuchun's rap)
14. COLORS ~melody and harmony~
15. Get Ready
16. Long Way
17. Intoxication
18. W


A bit different -- I have the audio from the DVD of JYJ's Thanksgiving Live in Dome concert. I did not keep the talk portions in this audio cut. If anyone is actually interested in them, I'll re-cut the 'album', but otherwise here are the 18 songs performed. I also edited track 12; I cut the band introductions. If anyone is bothered by this, I will be more than happy to re-cut this track as well. I originally made this for personal reasons and decided to share as an after-thought.

Points I'd Like To Make: 1] Yuchun's English. There's something about this live where he sounds even clearer and sexier than ever. I was especially impressed with Shelter. Though his rap in XIAHTIC was a little on the disappointing side. The only words I can seem to make out is Yuchun dropping the f*bomb about four times. I don't much care for swearing, and since that's all I understood... sadness. 2] The chemistry. It's almost as if the whole crowd melts away and they're singing to each other, in their own little world... it's beautiful. 3] Vocal quality. Even though this is a live performance, their vocals are the closest to studio quality that I have heard from an artist in a long time. 4] The rawness. Is that the right word? What I mean is that this live is full of raw emotion. During the happy songs you can tell just how much fun they're having. During the sad songs you can tell how much their hearts ache. They have truly put 100% of themselves into this entire live.
19th-Sep-2010 11:43 pm - [album] HURRICANE VENUS
[BoA] Rawr~

HURRICANE VENUS ~ 5th Korean Album
01. GAME ♥
03. Dangerous
04. Stand By
05. M.E.P. (My Electric Piano)
06. Let Me
07. Implode
08. Adrenaline ♥
09. Ordinary Day
10. Don't Know What To Say
11. Romance


Finally BoA is back in Korea! Where I fell in love with her! :D

track-by-trackCollapse )

All in all, I think this album is all over the place. Back and forth between dance and ballads. But, while the flow could be much better, the tracks are amazing. BoA is truly at her BEST!
[DBSK] b&w beach

Koikyokusei OST
01. 恋極星を見上げて (Koikyokusei wo Miagete)
02. 好きです。(Suki Desu.) → Aoyama Thelma
03. Disconsolate -acoustic ver. → mihimaru GT
04. 想い出の君へ (Omoide no Kimi e)
05. ファースト デイト (First Date)
06. Love is...Shine → Kurose Manami
07. Say Love You → DAIZO
08. 世界が敵になっても (Sekai ga Teki ni Natte mo) → ANNY PUMP
10. Our Ferris Wheel
11. 奇跡なんて起きない (Kiseki Nante Okinai)
12. 春のカケラ (Haru no Kakera)
13. キミの為に僕が強くなる (Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Tsuyoku Naru) ~Acoustic Letter~ → Honey L Days
14. 来ない人 (Konai Hito)
15. 星の降る丘 (Hoshi no Furu Oka)
16. 奇跡 (Kiseki) -acoustic ver.- → Okano Hironori


Another CD that only had me interested because of mihimaru GT! I've never seen the movie, though I think it sounds interesting... Aside from the gorgeous version of disconsolate (so chill... gives me goosebumps); I really enjoyed Love is...Shine by Kurose Manami. The "Love is..." part of the song is a cover of mihimaru GT, while the "Shine" part is all original. I don't think I've ever seen a half-cover like this before.

SungKyunKwan Scandal OST
01. 성균관 스캔들 (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
02. 찾았다 (Found You) → Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun
03. 그대를 그리다 (Drawing You) → Yun Jung
04. Too Love → Junsu
05. 너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 (Waiting for You to Tell Me Goodbye) → Jaejoong
06. 청춘스캔들 - Youth Scandal → Lee Min-Yeong
07. Sad To Say → Kim Dong Wook
08. 사랑이란 - Love is → Jung Sun A
09. 그대를 그리다 - Drawing You (Acoustic Ver) → Dara
10. 너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 (Waiting for You to Tell Me Goodbye) -Voice Ver.- → K
11. 자운영 (Chinese Milk Vetch)
13. 유생들의 나날 (Larvae of the Day)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE SKKS! So I was DYING to get my hands on this OST~ The music in this drama is so beautiful. Each piece fits the mood(s) perfectly. Found You is the ending theme; performed by Yoochun (who is in the drama) and his two buddies Jaejoong and Junsu. Because YC is in the series, it makes the song so much more special I think. Jae and Junsu also have solo tracks on this OST. Jaejoong's song Waiting for You to Tell Me Goodbye was featured in episode 5. The scenes where this song was featured were very bittersweet and motivational, and this song pulls that emotion off very well IMO. Junsu's Too Love has yet to appear in the series (only on episode 6 so far), but it's a more positive, and sweet song. I'm looking forward to where this song will fit. </jyj_fangirling>
19th-Sep-2010 08:23 pm(no subject)

mihimaballads ~ Compilation
01. Love Letter
02. Shiawase ni Narou ♥♥
03. diverge ♥
04. Koisuru Kimochi ♥
05. Love Is... ♥
06. So Merry Christmas -TAKE06-
07. Squall ♥
08. disconsolate ♥
09. Hoshi no Suna -TAKE10-
10. ALIVE ♥
11. Sayonara no Uta
12. YES
13. Omedetou ♥♥
14. Kakegae no Nai Uta ♥
15. Te wo Nobaseba ♥♥
16. Koisuru Kimochi ~Five Years Later~ ♥♥


Not that mihimaru GT really needed another best-type album, but I have to admit I do love their ballads. I mean, look at all those ♥'s! I'm not going to describe each track, I'll just touch on the new song & remakes.

The first remake would be Hoshi no Suna -TAKE10-... I can hardly tell the difference between the original :\ I've tried listening to both versions back and forth, and I honestly can't hear any difference, which makes me really sad. I was hoping for a different arrangement or change in vocals, but it appears the song has only been remastered and sounds almost the same as a result. Lame. Koisuru Kimochi ~Five Years Later~ however, sounds very different from the original! I think I even prefer this version. There is more of a beat, and more mixing, added to this version. Instead of being a typical ballad, it sounds more like a urban-pop-ballad - the sound mihimaru GT is well known for. Another big change... the original song had only Hiroko's vocals, but now a rap was added for Miyake. It does seem a little 'out of place', but it isn't terrible. Te wo Nobaseba is one of my new favorite songs. Much like their ballad michishirube (which I wish would have been included!!) it gives me a slightly sad, and very nostalgic feeling. And Miyake's rap is my favorite part. The way the music changes... I can't describe it. I'm just in love.
19th-Sep-2010 08:04 pm - [album] Beyond Pink
[text] beautiful girl

Beyond Pink ~ Barbie/Christie/Teresa
01. You Are The Universe
02. Boys Will Be Boys
03. Slide
04. One Love, True Love
05. From The Jump
06. Happy Together
07. Think Pink
08. The Girl of Today
09. Wonderland
10. Rainbow


This album is being uploaded as a tribute to my teen years! My best friend in Jr. High had this album, and we would listen to it ALL THE TIME! Most of the songs are super cheesy, and have me thinking "is that how I thought love was supposed to be?!" but yeah... I did XD Where has my innocence gone?

track-by-trackCollapse )
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