February 14th, 2011

[UFO] Min not here

[album] Keep Your Head Down

Keep Your Head Down ~ 5th Volume
01. WHY (Keep Your Head Down) ♥
02. The Story I Don’t Want to Believe (How Can I?)
03. Maximum ♥
04. Crazy (feat. Jay from TRAX)
05. Honey Funny Bunny ♥
06. Rumor
07. Confession ♥
08. Our Game ♥
09. She ♥
10. ATHENA ♥♥
11. Journey (feat. Seohyhun from Girls' Generation)


I admit I was being a bad Cassie (Wow, I've never called myself that before. It feels strange). I didn't want to like this album because I've been following JYJ and I got caught up in all the controversy! But, as much as I am disappointed that Yunho and Changmin use the TVXQ name as a duo; I LOVE THIS ALBUM.

The title and leading track WHY (Keep Your Head Down) took a bit to grow on me because it's so different. But it was an excellent choice for promoting the album. It's a strong dance/rock mix that proves HoMin has still got it! I'm still not sure what to think about the lyrics... Is it about JYJ? Is it "just a song about a guy and a girl" as HoMin claim? It could go either way for me. Maximum is another upbeat track that feels a lot like classic TVXQ~ Only with two voices. And backup vocals. Which weirds me out a bit, because they guys(5) used to be their own backups. It feels strange to need outside voices coming into their songs... Honey Funny Bunny seems like such a strange song to me. At first I thought "Are you serious!?" but then it got stuck in my head and now... I can't stop listening to it. This is also Yunho's SOLO track. Confession is a beautiful love song, executed perfectly by Changmin (as this is his SOLO track). It reminds me of what I expect TVXQ ballads to sound like - GORGEOUS. Our Game is another track I didn't care for at first. It starts with sound effects that made me think there was something wrong with my computer! XD But the beat is steady and it grows on you quickly. She stood out to me right away. The sound reminds me of something I've heard before, but I can't quite place it. It's that familiar feeling, without feeling overdone that I like. As well as the superb vocals & instrumental. Duh, it's TVXQ. And finally, ATHENA! The first track I fell in love with. I told my mom, "This is what happens when you mix classical and rock with HOMIN!" haha. But seriously, I can't get enough of this track. Hearing this from the Athena drama OST was enough to convince me to give the whole album a shot.
[DBSK] YC ♥ beanie baby

[album] THEIR ROOM our stories

THEIR ROOM our stoies / Music Essay
01. Mission ♥
02. NINE ♥
03. Pierro ♥
04. Fallen Leaves
05. I.D.S. (I Deal Scenario)
06. Unnamed Song PART 1 ♥


I was a little hesitant to give this a listen. I jumped at the shot to hear "The..." and "The Beginning", but there was something about this album that I knew would make it harder. I was right. I've been listening to it all day - and I've been crying all day. But the emotional roller coaster is so worth it, IMO. In addition to the wholehearted lyrics, the songs are musically and vocally AMAZING.

Mission seems like the perfect song for a concert intro. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the intro videos TVXQ did for their last two Japan tours (T and Secret Code). The song is catchy, though a bit repetitive. I'm still a little thrown off by Yoochun's f*bomb in his rap, but then again... it isn't anything new (if you've listened to his rap from the Thanksgiving performance of Xiahtic, you know what I'm talking about). NINE was the first song to get the tears rollin'. Fans are still speculating why Jaejoong named the song "Nine", and the best reason I've heard is that it was 9 years ago when Yoochun joined TVXQ; thus making the group complete. I think the best summary for this track goes like this: "
It's the kind of song that is so beautiful musically, it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel at peace... but when you know the lyrics your heart breaks and you can't stop crying." Pierro is NOT about HoMin. It's a song about SME and JYJ's disgust for them. The only thing I don't understand, is how a song about hating someone, and painful memories can sound so beautiful... But you can hear a hint of hurt in their voices. Unnamed Song PART 1 does not (as of yet) have a second part. Almost the entire song is a rap from Yoochun (who wrote the song). It literally is in the form of an essay; with Jaejoong and Junsu singing the chorus, and Junsu quoting a line from Musical Mozart at the end. This song essay describes in details what happened to lead the 3 to leave & sue SME. At the very end, Junsu can hardly finish quoting his lines without his voice quivering. I was bawling.