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ETERNITY∞ ~ Pop Meets Classics
01. Wonderful World ♥
02. Love ♥
03. Vanity ♥
04. I Will ♥
05. Worth It All
06. Change The World
07. How Far
08. Damn
09. No Apologies ♥
10. Only Human ♥
11. So Deep
12. You Smile ♥
13. Hello Goodbye (Japanese Track)
14. Broken Lullaby (Japanese Track)
15. Turn It Up (Japanese Track)


Jade and GEO are back to the sound that made them famous; fusing pop with classical elements!

Wonderful World is as optimistic and cheerful as the title suggests. The instrumentals in this song are
gorgeous. Love starts out a little slower and gains speed as it reaches the chorus. There "where's the love?" part of the chorus kind of reminds me of the Black Eyed Peas song 'Where is the Love?' haha. But that's the only similarity, really. Now Vanity is OMG!AMAZING in my opinion. The song has attitude, as well as a strong orchestra playing the the background. The combination is just WIN. I Will is set to a familiar tune (Spring from "The Four Seasons") and the lyrics are really catchy. While I'm not completely for lyrics like "Friday I'm getting drunk" in a song talking about being in love and getting married (I know, what the heck?), I can't hold that against the song. I still love it. Worth It All is a sad song, about a girl being beaten by her significant other, and yet... she says she doesn't regret the time she's spent with him. I don't know whether it has something to do with "I'm stronger now because of what you put me through" or if it's just about how some women think they deserve the abuse they get. And if it's the latter, I'm seriously disappointed. I'd like to believe it's the former. I can't think of a reason why Jade would write about abuse being okay... Otherwise, musically the track is beautiful. I just have mixed feelings due to the lyrics. Change the World has such a heavy beat, it really feels like a dance song. Since the song they used (Exodus) is a more recent song (the composer lived 1921-1999) I'm not sure how to take this... It's an alright song, I suppose, but I prefer the tracks with the 15th-18th century style music mixed in. This is just too modern for me. How Far starts out sounding just like Trying To Be Me. The song is a bit monotonous, and I wish it was more like TTBM. Damn is next. It's a emotional ballad, but that's about all I can get from this track. It doesn't really hold my attention. It needs a little more emotion to feel real. No Apologies is, lyrically, what I wanted from 'Worth it All'. The girl in the song is saying she's through with putting up with her guy's crap and she's done apologizing for something that isn't even her fault (to put it in my own words :P). The song also has a perfect blend (IMO) of classical and modern pop beats. I absolutely LOVE the piano and violins. Only Human also features a well known piece call "Morning Mood". The song starts out feeling very positive and optimistic. Then first verse leaves the classical out, for a moment, and is full of heavy beats. But by the chorus we're back to the upbeat, happy nature of the song. It's a really easy track to listen to. It has a good message as well as just being relaxing instrumentally. So Deep reminds me a lot of Jade's earlier works with Sweetbox, as far as the sound goes. Unfortunately the lyrics disappoint once again. All I can seem to pick out is Jade singing "so deep" over and over again. You Smile is an adorably cute track. It makes me think of a high school girl with a crush on the popular boy at school. Been there, done that XD I really love this song.

As for the three bonus tracks, I haven't had much of a chance to give them a good listen. My overall opinion of the album; I think it's pretty cool and definitely worth a listen.

*If anybody is interested in Sweetbox's or Jade Villalon's full discographies, I have most of it and wouldn't mind posting if it's in demand :P
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