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Sarah Marie

[album] Beyond Pink

Beyond Pink ~ Barbie/Christie/Teresa
01. You Are The Universe
02. Boys Will Be Boys
03. Slide
04. One Love, True Love
05. From The Jump
06. Happy Together
07. Think Pink
08. The Girl of Today
09. Wonderland
10. Rainbow


This album is being uploaded as a tribute to my teen years! My best friend in Jr. High had this album, and we would listen to it ALL THE TIME! Most of the songs are super cheesy, and have me thinking "is that how I thought love was supposed to be?!" but yeah... I did XD Where has my innocence gone?

You Are The Universe reminds me of a Barbie computer game I used to have. I believe this would be considered electro-pop? (I'm horrible at defining genres)... Basically this is an inspirational, self-esteem boosting track. Next, Boys Will Be Boys was my FAVORITE song to sing back in the day. Super upbeat, with a summery feel; it perfectly describes a typical teenage boy. I can't believe I still know all the words! Slide was used for a school 'dance' project, and people actually told us "that's a cool song, who sings it?" They were shocked when we told them it was by Barbie. The lyrics are really weak, but it was fun when I was younger. One Love, True Love was considered "Christie's song". It's probably the least cheesy song, though the vocals bother me a bit in the chorus. From The Jump was never a favorite of mine, but the background music is fun and memorable. This was "Barbie's song". It's the perfect "best friend" anthem to sing with your best girls! haha. Happy Together is "Teresa's song", and the only cover on this album (originally by The Turtles). I love this song; I think this updated version does the original justice, which is slightly surprising being a Barbie song... Think Pink was probably the one I sang the most. This was also the song used to promote the album and dolls. The Girl of Today was not a favorite of mine, but looking back it reminds me a LOT of ZOEgirl's sound (especially their first album). Wonderland is another upbeat, dance type track. Kind of generic pop, not very memorable for me. I think this was my friend's favorite song though... Finally, Rainbow is a quirky song about how we're all beautiful just the way we are~ aww... :] Thanks Barbie!
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