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mihimaballads ~ Compilation
01. Love Letter
02. Shiawase ni Narou ♥♥
03. diverge ♥
04. Koisuru Kimochi ♥
05. Love Is... ♥
06. So Merry Christmas -TAKE06-
07. Squall ♥
08. disconsolate ♥
09. Hoshi no Suna -TAKE10-
10. ALIVE ♥
11. Sayonara no Uta
12. YES
13. Omedetou ♥♥
14. Kakegae no Nai Uta ♥
15. Te wo Nobaseba ♥♥
16. Koisuru Kimochi ~Five Years Later~ ♥♥


Not that mihimaru GT really needed another best-type album, but I have to admit I do love their ballads. I mean, look at all those ♥'s! I'm not going to describe each track, I'll just touch on the new song & remakes.

The first remake would be Hoshi no Suna -TAKE10-... I can hardly tell the difference between the original :\ I've tried listening to both versions back and forth, and I honestly can't hear any difference, which makes me really sad. I was hoping for a different arrangement or change in vocals, but it appears the song has only been remastered and sounds almost the same as a result. Lame. Koisuru Kimochi ~Five Years Later~ however, sounds very different from the original! I think I even prefer this version. There is more of a beat, and more mixing, added to this version. Instead of being a typical ballad, it sounds more like a urban-pop-ballad - the sound mihimaru GT is well known for. Another big change... the original song had only Hiroko's vocals, but now a rap was added for Miyake. It does seem a little 'out of place', but it isn't terrible. Te wo Nobaseba is one of my new favorite songs. Much like their ballad michishirube (which I wish would have been included!!) it gives me a slightly sad, and very nostalgic feeling. And Miyake's rap is my favorite part. The way the music changes... I can't describe it. I'm just in love.
Tags: # album, % japanese, group: mihimaru gt
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