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HURRICANE VENUS ~ 5th Korean Album
01. GAME ♥
03. Dangerous
04. Stand By
05. M.E.P. (My Electric Piano)
06. Let Me
07. Implode
08. Adrenaline ♥
09. Ordinary Day
10. Don't Know What To Say
11. Romance


Finally BoA is back in Korea! Where I fell in love with her! :D

GAME was the first song released. At first I wasn't sure I liked it, but now I am in love. It sounds so different from anything BoA has done, blends well with current music trends, but it is unique enough to stand on it's own and not sound "just like everything else". It's a fun song! HURRICANE VENUS needed to grow on me a little bit, also. But it is a strong track to lead the album. The beat makes you want to get up and dance, and the lyrics make you want to sing along! Dangerous is as edgy as it sounds. Another funky dance track; still much different from what BoA has done but still very HER. I'm not too sure on the replay value of this track, however. Stand By is the album's first ballad. For the first half of the song it's fairly slow with an orchestra playing in the background. Towards the end there's that extra umph~ Enough to keep it from being boring, but not too much to seem awkward or like you're trying too hard. M.E.P. is a nice song caught between being "chill" and "upbeat pop". I don't really know what it is about this song, but I keep listening to it over and over again... Let Me is another funky dance song. Still different enough from the others, though it sounds like a few other Korean artists. I'm a little bored. Implode may sound like it should be another upbeat song, but it is actually the album's second ballad. Very slow and sweet, BoA sounds almost sad. The emotion is just beautiful. Adrenaline was one of my favorite tracks from the beginning. I'm not sure I can pin-point it, but I'm somehow reminded of BoA's last album "Girls On Top"... Yet it doesn't quite sound like anything from that album, either. Ordinary Day is again, a slower song -- a ballad with a beat. There's nothing "ordinary" or boring about this track. Don't Know What To Say is probably my favorite ballad on this album. Just BoA's vocals and a piano~ And her English is so beautiful and clear. Romance has that 'old movie' kind of feel. Or maybe it reminds me of a Christmas type song. There's just something very
classic about this song.

All in all, I think this album is all over the place. Back and forth between dance and ballads. But, while the flow could be much better, the tracks are amazing. BoA is truly at her BEST!
Tags: # album, % korean, artist: boa

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