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[single] L

[alternate cover] [alternate cover] [alternate cover]
L ~ 50th Single
01. Sweet Season
02. Virgin Road
03. Last Angel
04. Sweet Season (instrumental)
05. Virgin Road (instrumental)
06. Last Angel (instrumental)


This has to be, hands down, the best single Ayu has put out in years! What a great way to celebrate her 50th single. Sweet Season is a mellow pop song about looking back on the past and feeling nostalgic. The PV has a 60's theme and a surprise-twist ending. Virgin Road is a slow ballad with just Ayu's flawless voice and an orchestra backing her. The lyrics describe the journey two people have taken; from constantly fighting to understanding and caring deeply about one another. Ayu admitted on her Twitter that the song is about her mother. Finally, Last Angel starts out slow with an orchestra instrumental playing, and it transitions into something funky with a steady beat. I really have no clue how to best describe it. I don't think it sounds much like anything else she's done before. The best way I can describe the lyrics is that its about the struggle to find love, and to keep moving forward.

download the PVs
Sweet Season
Virgin Road
Tags: # single, # video, % japanese, artist: ayumi hamasaki

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